Roundtable Workshop & Debate

The event has been postponed due to the corona virus. A new date will be announced soon.
Protecting Sport From Corruption, And The Need To Develop Leaders To Fight It

Chancellors Hall, Senate House, University of London

The Lennart Johansson Foundation’s aim is to promote the prerequisites for good leadership in the national and international football federations and football clubs, focusing on democracy, equality and anti-corruption.

Through the Lennart Johansson scholarships the Foundation supports the development of talented leaders in European football and individuals showing potential to play a leadership role in football in the future.
A key element of the Foundation’s mission is promoting high-quality education in sports management, with a focus on democracy and equality issues, developing knowledge concerning how to counteract bribery and corruption, and promoting the development of international networks to raise awareness concerning these issues across continents.

Further to the development of this mission at Senate House, University of London, the Lennart Johansson Foundation is hosting a day-long series of roundtable debates on three key ethical and regulatory challenges currently facing the sport industry.

• Defining the overall scope of the key challenges in the sport integrity landscape.
• The challenge of match-fixing.
• The vulnerability of the international football transfer market to financial corruption.

The objective of the day’s discussion is to promote informed debate on how the sport industry can develop leadership to protect the integrity of the sport system going forward and protect it from corruption.
If you would like to attend this event, and participate in the day’s discussions, please contact for further details.