Mentor program for the future of football

Lennart Johansson Foundation & Novare Leadership Academy started the work with a mentorship program for the future of football during the spring of 2019. This initive was developed together with Lennart Johansson before he passed away and is now conducted as a tribute to his vision. A few words from Lennart:

“Football, which is the world’s largest sport, is currently being discredited by corruption, fixed matches and other irregular conduct. Together, we have to make sure that the money goes to the best within the world of football and that the crowd gets their money’s worth! Therefore, I urge you to come together and engage in this initiative, which aims to improve strong future leadership in our industry!

You’re invited to come and meet me and other influential profiles in football, as well as leaders within business and academia. Together, we’ll discuss and gain new perspectives on how we run our business and create a modern culture with a focus on democracy, equality and anti-corruption! “

In memory of
Lennart Johansson 1929-2019
Former Honorary President of UEFA
Former Honorary Vice-president of FIFA